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It is important for us to know what we put in our bodies.  Ensure that the products that your are using for your own wellness are tested in accredited laboratories.


Analytical Laboratory Testing Services.

When choosing an analytical laboratory for your product testing, it is important to know that you are not just sending samples off for testing but investing in your product’s future. Britannia Bud have partnered with Shimadzu to provide the instrumentation and software for a complete analytical service that is FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. Backed by the Shimadzu technical knowledge and support to help your product be successful, we can assist with your product development from seed to sale with accurate cannabis potency profiles, assay on metals content, residual solvents through to reliable, highly sensitive terpenes analysis. Britannia Bud can deliver scalable, turnkey solutions to meet your testing needs for today and tomorrow.

As medicinal and recreational cannabis markets continue to expand, growers and developers of cannabis products can benefit tremendously from the testing that Britannia Bud can offer. Whether meeting regulatory requirements or certifying a product, our laboratory testing reduces your risk and ensures delivery of a quality product. Routine cannabis testing services include potency, screening/determination of terpenes, analysis of heavy metals and residual solvents.

Britannia Bud provides you with ready access to the leading cannabis testing analytical instrumentation, rigorously tested methods, expansive platforms and an expert team of scientists. Our ISO 17025 accredited analytical testing laboratory is proud to be part of the GLP Compliance Programme, as defined by the MHRA and OECD, as part of our commitment to continuous improvement and service expansion. Our analytical testing solutions cover a broad range of applications across industries and our team of specialists are looking forward to working with you to bring your products to fruition. From accurate potency testing and terpene profiling to contaminate testing for residual solvents and heavy metals.  Talk to us today about your analytical testing needs to ensure that your products are accurately labelled, free from contamination and safe to use.

  • Our analytical testing solutions cover a broad range of applications across industries from accurate potency testing and terpene profiling to contaminant testing for pesticides, residual solvents and heavy metals. We can support the following routine analysis
    • Cannabinoid profiling, terpenes, CBD potency and residual solvents for CBD products.
    • Stability testing and presence of metals in cosmetic products
    • GLP studies into cleaning verification, biocides, virucides and environmental fates.
    • GMP analysis in support of raw materials batch testing, elemental impurities (ICH Q3D) and absence of nitrosamines.
    • Investigatory analysis by HPLC and GC methods to aid in NPD and competitor assessment
    • Material identification and spectral analysis testing by FTIR

Heavy metals by ICP-MS

Heavy metals like lead, arsenic, mercury, aluminium, zinc, chromium and iron can be found in soil and fertilizer. As cannabis plants grow, they take up metals from the soil. ‘Heavy metals’ are a group of metals considered to be toxic and include lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury. These can find their way into a wide variety of personal care, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, their presence is undesirable and need to be controlled. Irrespective of your application or industry, laboratory testing helps to ensure that your products are free from toxic concentrations of these hazardous metals. Additional toxic and nutritional elements are easily added to the analysis list as needed. Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) methods provide the sensitivity to measure low levels of these toxic metals in your product. From our analytical laboratory Britannia Bud can offer state of the art analysis of your product using our GxP compliant  ICPMS-2030 Spectrometer from Shimadzu to ensure that your products are free from toxic concentrations of these hazardous metals.

Assay and Product Profile by High Pressure Liquid Chromatography

HPLC has emerged as the gold standard for potency determinations; QC testing for cannabinoids is essential for the accurate labelling of cannabis and hemp products. Our cGMP qualified HPLC-PDA is set up for the for BP/EP testing including “potency” quantitation of the major cannabinoids, namely THCA, THC, CBD, and CBN. Our Shimadzu LC-2030C liquid chromatograph with photodiode array detector provides the versatility to meet your analytical needs, with a short analysis time producing sharp chromatographic peaks for high overall sensitivity. Designed for the analysis of the 10 most requested cannabinoids in under 8 minutes we can however add in additional compounds as you require. Our experienced analysts will be glad to discuss you testing requirements. With the regulatory compliant Cannabis Analyzer for Potency software package, we can offer a fast turnaround from sample submission to reporting of product quality and an accurate assay of the active components, degradants and known impurities.

The use of a photodiode array detector instead of the more usual ultraviolet gives our analysts an incomparable investigatory tool for the 3-d analysis and identification of unkown compounds when carrying out investigatory analysis.

Terpenes, residual solvents and volatile organics by GC-MS

Terpene Profiling

Terpenes are produced in trichromes (where THC is produced) and give cannabis its distinctive flavour and aroma. They also act as essential hydrocarbon building blocks, influencing the overall therapeutic effect of the plant and your product. The characterization of the terpenes in your product and raw-material is easily achieved using our Shimadzu GCMS-QP2020 NX gas chromatograph equipped with headspace sampling and mass spectrometry.

The Shimadzu GCMS-2030 with HS-20 Headspace Sampler and NIST Spectral Library is the ultimate platform for terpene analysis. Using this instrument our analysts can It easily identify more than 3000 flavour and fragrance compounds to meet your terpene profiling needs.  We can also use this instrument to analyse for residual solvents, speak to our application specialists for how we can provide you with a package of testing that meets your needs.

Residual Solvents

Residual solvents are organic volatile chemicals that are used in the manufacturing or extraction process. In cannabis, they are used to extract cannabinoids or terpenes from the plant material and are evaporated to prepare high-concentration oils and waxes. Sometimes, this evaporation process does not completely remove all the solvents used during extraction. Since these solvents are not safe for human consumption, it is important to verify their absence so you can guarantee you are providing a safe, chemical-free product.

Our Shimadzu Nexis GC-2030 with HS-20 Headspace Sampler enables rapid identification and quantitation of very low concentrations of residual solvents. As this instrument is also configured for the rapid identification of terpenes our application specialists will be pleased to discuss a package of testing that meets your needs.

Other Analysis

In addition to the terpenes and residual solvents assay that we offer, we can also provide you with the capability to assay your starting materials for volatile organic compounds as part of the QC Release testing for those materials. This QC testing can be extended to the environmental fates monitoring for hydrocarbons and low molecular weight pesticides that may be present in your materials or released during the purification and extraction process.

Raw materials identity testing by FTIR

Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy is commonly referred to as FTIR Analysis or FTIR Spectroscopy.  The technique relies on infrared light to scan samples and observe bond properties to identify organic, polymeric, and in some cases, inorganic materials.

Using our Shimadzu Spirit FTIR we can rapidly identify compounds and the general type of material being analysed when there are unknowns and to assess the purity of some inorganic samples. The ATR hardware combined with the extensive compound library provides a method that is fast and highly reliable for identifying polymer composition and is ideal for the QC identification of supplied raw materials.

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